From Buzzwords to Business Reality: How Composability Is Transforming Retail Tech

Composability, headless commerce, and microservices are transforming retail tech by enabling adaptable, modular architectures that empower businesses to meet digital transformation demands.

Retailers Need a Growth Framework That's Customer-Led, not Channel-Led

The notion of the customer journey that was built up over the past 10 years doesn't work anymore. Retailers need a new approach.

How CRM Is Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

The overarching goal of CRM in healthcare is to bolster patient satisfaction, streamline communication, optimize operational efficiency, and ultimately elevate healthcare outcomes to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Unlocking the Power of Intent Data

Intent data not only revolutionizes sales and marketing strategies by providing critical, timely insights into specific customer interests and behaviors, but its spikes can also depict major company decision-making in real time.

Breaking Through the Sales Plateau

Sales leaders should focus on building resilience within their teams by embedding a mindset that is not deterred by the word "no" but is invigorated by the pursuit of a "yes."

Building Expertise to Grow B2B Engagement: It's Not Just for Google Anymore

B2B marketers looking to build brand clout have more options than Google. Get your organic strategy in line with the 2024 search landscape.

Meeting the Audience Where They Are: Advertiser Strategies for a Multiplatform World

It's no longer just about the quantity of ad placements; the focus is increasingly shifting toward the quality and relevance of these placements.

Overcoming Your Sales Team’s ‘Evolutionary’ Resistance to CRM

A new approach to change management is desperately needed to foster CRM adoption and empowerment for sales reps.

Trends in Revenue Intelligence: Boost Sales Teams’ Efficiency through Automated Data Capture and AI

Companies are increasingly turning to advanced solutions that automate the capture of all interactions and activities, seamlessly integrating them into CRM systems.

How CSOs Can Maximize Sales Analytics’ Impact

Leaders should start by establishing a clear vision and road map.

Experiential CRM: Designing Immersive Marketing Campaigns and Events

This approach aims not just to engage customers but to envelop them in the narrative and values of a brand.

It’s Time to Make AI More Human

Outlasting the AI hype means making AI more human.

The (Natural) Language of Marketing

NLP and NLU underpin effective generative AI for marketers.

Revolutionizing Sales and Marketing: How AI is Unleashing the Potential of SDRs

Artificial intelligence can help sales development reps focus on the more strategic work of building relationships.

For Marketing Success in 2024, Prioritize Customer Trust

Listening to your customers, taking action on feedback, and building a customer community helps you strengthen trust and long-term loyalty.

Supercharging Personalization with CX AI

AI enables companies to know customers as individuals and tailor their journeys.

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Enhanced Payment Experiences

Positive payment experiences marked by speed, convenience, security, and flexibility increase the chances of return business.

Generative AI Ushers in Retail’s New Era

New generative AI tools still need plenty of development, but their ultimate potential could revolutionize retail customer engagement.

How Observability Technology Can Help Banks Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Digital transformation efforts must prioritize both service reliability and data security and privacy. Real-time monitoring capabilities can detect potential issues before they impact customers.

The Rise of Social Commerce: Redefining Retail in a Marketplace-Driven World

As social and marketplace shopping converge, retailers need to update their marketing strategies to reflect the new reality—such as the need for stronger brand protection, accessible and responsive customer service, and other new marketing strategies.