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Analytics Continues Its Charge Beyond the Phone

Speech analytics' greatest strength, going beyond the medium or channel context, is the ability to create an overview of customer interactions.

Fashion Brands Top Social Media Influencer Mentions

Fashion retailers and manufacturers leverage social media influencers most frequently, new research finds.

Jeep Is America's Most Patriotic Brand

Consumers responding to a Brand Keys survey said Jeep best embodies the value of patriotism.

America's 10 Best States for Marketing Careers

Massachusetts is the best state for a marketing career, research from Hennessy Digital has revealed. 

U.S. Phones Were Hit by More Than 50 Billion Robocalls in 2021

The number of robocalls dropped slightly in 2021, but more must be done to stop the scourge.

What Will It Take to Stop the Illegal Scam Calls?

It would seem that the criminal organizations behind the billions of scam calls placed to U.S. consumers every month have already found ways to skirt the STIR/SHAKEN standards. As long as the federal government continues to do nothing to address the criminal activity, the scam calls will not let up.

It's Customer Service Week, So Thank an Agent

Customer service representatives have a hard job, and they deserve recognition more than one week per year.

Contact Centers Need to Do More to Keep Talent

New research from ASAPP finds that contact center shortfalls in training, technology, and job growth opportunities are behind the high turnover rate.

When Using Emojis, It's Not Enough to Smile

Emplifi research finds the sparkle emoji is the most popular one used by companies on Instagram and Facebook

Jeep Leads the Patriotic Brand Parade Yet Again

As independence Day nears, Brand Keys tracks how consumers rate companies on patriotism.

Social Distancing Works

New case study shows that companies can survive and thrive without social media.

J.D. Power Backs Up What We've Been Saying All Along

Customer service and reputation—not price—drive lifetime customer value, J.D. Power finds.

I’m Ready to Move on, and So Are Your Customers

A new survey From Mitto reveals lessons learned from company communications during the COVID-19 crisis.

No Surprises, Ad Revenue Shrinks

BIA has revised its U.S. local advertising revenue forecast down to $144.3 billion due to coronavirus.

How To Craft Your Brand Response Strategy for Pandemics

Forrester's Dipanjan Chatterjee shares ideas for managing marketing efforts amid the current coronavirus crisis.

Don't Use Coronavirus as an Excuse for Service That Has Always Sucked

I hate excuses, and coronavirus can't be used to justify years of customer neglect.

Tackling the Counterfeit Drug Problem Is a Marketing Effort

Leading Edge Health has seen tremendous marketing success by taking on the counterfeit drug trade.

Business Texting: Who Started It?

A new report finds that consumers are pulling businesses toward texting.

Robocalls Continue to Rile, But Help Is Coming

Loyalty Is Growing, But Harder to Sustain

Customer loyalty increased 20 percent, despite fears to the contrary, Brand Keys claims.