U.S. Shoppers Favor Retailer-Owned Ads

Retail media networks are preferable and pack more influence, Intellias finds,

GenAI to Handle 40 Percent of Marketing Tasks by 2029

IDC predicts huge productivity increases with genAI in five years.

AI Named the Most Transformative Tech in 20 Years

ContactBabel lauds AI-powered agent assistance and chatbots.

Generative AI Can Improve Contact Centers

CCW Digital says genAI can "elevate nearly every facet of customer contact."

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Technological and mindset challenges have spawned new customer value.

Social Ads Are an Irritant

Consumers tell Hootsuite they don't like social media advertising.

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There's a playbook for winning with platforms, and it starts with a mindset.

B2B Needs to Adopt an E-Commerce Approach

Forrester urges B2B sellers to more closely mirror B2C interactions.

B2B 'Deep' Sellers Tap Contacts More

LinkedIn finds that top sellers build deeper relationships with buyers.

5 Best Practices for Empathetic Experience Design

Companies need to design customer experiences that make emotional connections, Forrester says.

Top AI Jobs Are CRM-Related

CRM pros need to stay ahead of the curve with AI advancements, research finds.

B2B Marketers Waste a Lot of Time and Resources

CMO Council gives most marketers grades of C or worse for their efforts.

Consumers Prefer Ads to Paying for Content

IAB finds that 8 in 10 consumers support the ad-supported internet.

Consumer Opt-Outs Are Increasingly Common

Trust issues prompt consumers to unsubscribe from company outreach, Attest finds.

Sales Analytics Are Helpful but Underused

Data problems top the concerns with analytics, Gartner finds.

Trust Is Invaluable in B2B Sales

Trusted companies garner twice as many recommendations, Forrester finds.

Marketers Need Transparency with Consumer Data

PCH finds consumers are increasingly concerned with data privacy.

Contact Centers Add Technology but Still Fall Short

CCW Digital finds that CX technologies have not changed CX delivery.

A Look Ahead at CRM in 2024

Industry players share their thoughts about what lies ahead for sales, marketing, and customer service.

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