• June 12, 2024

Bloomreach Offers Loomi Search+

Bloomreach, an e-commerce personalization platform provider, has launched Loomi Search+, an artificial intelligence-powered e-commerce search engine that maximizes revenue potential from longer search queries.

Loomi Search+ combines Bloomreach's semantic technology and proprietary data with model intelligence from Google Cloud. It returns precise results and broad recall sets for complex searches.

A premium extension of Bloomreach's Loomi Search technology, it takes the results delivered by Loomi Search's semantic keyword engine and fuses them with a wider recall set of similar products, driven by LLM-powered vectors from Google Cloud Vertex AI. The result is a search engine that understands long or nuanced searches.

"Loomi Search+ is truly delivering a new future for ecommerce search. Put simply: this is the only ecommerce search engine that doesn't force businesses to sacrifice precision or recall as customers search with more than one or two words in a query," said Anirban Bardalaye, chief product officer of Bloomreach, in a statement. "As consumers grow more comfortable with a conversational style of searching, businesses need technology that will allow them to show relevant results no matter how complex the search. Loomi Search+ is delivering just that, ensuring every business' search experience stays ahead of customer expectations."

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