Smart Industry Report: GenAI in Manufacturing - Employee engagement


Download this Special Report to learn more about connecting deskless workers during the industry's digital transformation. Amid the excitement of digital transformation, is there a risk of neglecting people? This Special Report emphasizes the importance of keeping our workforce a top priority. Our hands-on employees are considered "the future," and while technology is crucial, it's equally vital to invest in human capital both within and outside the factory.

This SI e-book explores:

  • The ongoing revolution of artificial intelligence within the factory, stressing the significance of involving deskless employees, field service personnel, and engineers in the transformation process.
  • The necessity for robust communication and support systems for employees, especially those who are "deskless."
  • The value of "middle-skilled" workers and how tapping into their capabilities can drive manufacturers toward achieving their digital transformation goals.

Download this Special Report for more insights.