A manufacturing CHRO’s guide to elevating employee experiences while reducing costs


Discover the key strategies to provide extraordinary experiences for desk and deskless workers.

Discover strategic solutions for your manufacturing HR challenges. Learn how to provide exceptional experiences for both desk and deskless workers while reducing operational costs. In a sector where efficiency is king, this eBook dives into the unique needs of your entire workforce.

Streamline HR support like never before. Up to 80% of your manufacturing workforce is deskless, often underserved by disconnected HR processes. Explore practical insights to enhance your operational value by providing unified experiences, improving talent retention, and reducing the cost of serving employees, wherever they work.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to tackle today’s most important challenges and imperatives such as:

  • Keeping employees connected and productive on the factory floor.
  • Ensuring managers and employees have the next-level skills they need.
  • Addressing deskless worker needs with tailored digital processes.
  • Leveraging AI and automation to cut costs and improve interactions.
  • Enhancing connectivity and productivity for deskless employees.
  • Maximize your HR department’s impact

It’s time to drive long-term profitability and transform your manufacturing workforce. Read the eBook for actionable insights and strategic solutions tailored to elevate your employee experiences and reduce costs.